Does Vshred Really Work?

Is Vshred legitimate?

VShred is a scam This company claims to give you an effective workout program and meal plan to get in shape fast.

Not only did they not deliver that they stole my money and continued to charge me even though I sent multiple messages that I wanted to end the free trial..

How Much Is Vince Sant worth?

As a popular YouTuber, have own merchandise which he sold through His estimated net worth approx $5 million as of 2019.

Is Vshred free?

When you go through the V Shred Quiz and watch the video you will be offered a fantastic gift of up to 5 complimentary programs for FREE with the purchase of the program that Vince Sant recommends in the video.

How do I get my money back from Vshred?

To request a refund or exchange, contact Customer Service at during regular business hours, Customers ineligible for a refund may be granted a partial refund in our sole and absolute discretion.

What is the V Shred diet?

The Shred Diet is a 6-week plan designed by Dr. Ian Smith to help dieters achieve their ideal weight and forgo the plateau. Dr. Smith combines low glycemic index foods with meal replacements and meal spacing.

Is Vince Sant real?

Vince is a successful author, using his skills to create fitness guides and programs for wellness enthusiasts. You can learn more from the website Diet Spotlight.

Is Vshred a monthly payment?

All programs, monthly challenge/contests and custom plans are one-time single purchases. V Shred University (VSU) membership & Custom Diet Plan subscriptions are automatically billed each month, so you can continue to take part in new opportunities to continually improve your fitness and diet regimen.

What foods should an endomorph avoid?

Limit your intake of simple carbohydrates. These foods are high in sugar and calories, which can cause fat storage. Simple carbohydrates include white bread, white rice, pasta, cakes, and cookies….Good sources of fats and proteins include:macadamia nuts.olive oil.beef.egg yolk.fatty fish.walnuts.cheese.

How old is Vshred?

Vince Sant (V Shred)Date of BirthDecember 31, 1993Age26BirthplaceOhio, USZodiacCapricornNationalityAmerican5 more rows