How Much Do California Lifeguards Get Paid?

How much do California lifeguards make?

Base salaries for Newport Beach lifeguards range from $58,000 for the lowest-paid officer to $108,492 for the top-paid battalion chief, according to a 2010 city report on lifeguard pay.

With overtime only added in, more than half of the 13 cleared $100,000 and the rest made between $59,500 and $98,500..

How much do full time lifeguards get paid?

Seasonal lifeguards make anywhere from $16 to $20 an hour. Full-time lifeguards, known as permanents, make up to $27 an hour. A permanent oversees a couple of miles of beach, and other lifeguards assigned there.

Is there a real life Baywatch?

The lifeguard operations safeguard 31 miles (50 km) of beach and 72 miles (116 km) of coastline, from San Pedro in the south, to Malibu in the north. The Los Angeles County Lifeguard Service served as the model for the hit television series Baywatch which was created by recurrent lifeguard Gregory J.

Is there an age limit for lifeguards?

No matter a person’s age over 40, as long as that lifeguard can pass the tests, keep physically fit, and do his or her job, they should be allowed to do so.

Who pays for lifeguards on beaches?

The councils pay the lifeguards’ wages, and the RNLI – which is funded by charitable donations – provides all training costs and equipment. Darren Lewis, RNLI lifeguard inspector for the east of England, said that despite last summer’s poor weather, the beaches were still busy with day trippers and holiday makers.

How far do you have to swim to be a lifeguard?

Lift Test – ability to lift a swimmer out of the water (using appropriate manual handing procedures) Rescue Test – 25 metre swim / 25 metre non-contact tow in less than 1 minute and 45 seconds. Fitness Test – 200 metre swim in less than 6 minutes (using any stroke) Spinal Injury Management.

Can you lifeguard at 14?

Fifteen-year-olds, but not youth less than 15 years of age, may be employed as lifeguards at traditional swimming pools and most facilities of water amusement parks. … The 15-year-old must be trained and certified by the American Red Cross, or a similar certifying organization, in aquatics and water safety; and.

Do lifeguards have to be skinny?

They need to be fit enough to do their job, and within a certain time frame. Lifeguards need to be able to get to a drowning victim anywhere in the pool within 30 seconds of when they start drowning. They have to get them out of the water and begin care within 1.5 minutes from when they start drowning. Fit enough.

Is it worth becoming a lifeguard?

I think that lifeguarding is a very wonderful summer job, giving you the opportunity to learn skills like CPR and first aid that you can use in and out of the work place and carry with you for life. As for low drowning rates as you call them, that changes all the time, depending on your guests.

How much do Baywatch lifeguards make?

Time for a career change? California’s Baywatch lifeguards paid up to $210,000 per year.

How do lifeguards get paid?

The average salary for a Lifeguard is $28.74 per hour in Sydney NSW, which meets the national average….How much does a Lifeguard make in Sydney NSW?CompanyAverage Lifeguard 6 salaries$42.01 per hourCity of Parramatta Lifeguard 144 salaries$28.21 per hour2 more rows

Do lifeboat crews get paid?

The RNLI is principally funded by legacies and donations, and most of the members of its lifeboat crews are unpaid volunteers.

How much can a lifeguard make in a summer?

Summer Lifeguard SalariesJob TitleSalaryHilton Summer Lifeguard salaries – 1 salaries reported$19,726/yrHyatt Summer Lifeguard salaries – 1 salaries reported$15/hrLife Time Summer Lifeguard salaries – 1 salaries reported$9/hrLife Time Summer Lifeguard salaries – 1 salaries reported$11/hr16 more rows

Are lifeguards attractive?

Lifeguards are fun to hook up with (in the Snack Shack), they’re attractive, their jobs put little stress on them so they are light-hearted and fun-loving, and they might be able to snag you some free Laffy Taffys (from the Snack Shack).

How much do beach lifeguards make per hour?

Beach Lifeguard SalariesJob TitleSalaryCity of Clearwater Beach Lifeguard salaries – 1 salaries reported$14/hrCity of Santa Cruz, CA Beach Lifeguard salaries – 1 salaries reported$14/hrCity of Oceanside, CA Beach Lifeguard salaries – 1 salaries reported$15/hr17 more rows

Can you make a living as a lifeguard?

Overtime shifts and “night-time standby pay” pushed the chief’s total compensation to $211,000 in 2010, Kiff said. Other lifeguards get salaries ranging from $60,000 to $100,000, plus benefits valued at $42,000 to $62,000 per person, according to city figures.

Where do lifeguards get paid the most?

These Are The 10 States With The Highest Pool Lifeguard Salaries For 2017Wyoming.Washington.Alaska.Florida.Illinois.Michigan.California.North Dakota.More items…•

How much are lifeguards paid UK?

How much does a Lifeguard make in the United Kingdom?CityAverage salaryLifeguard in London 93 salaries£8.98 per hourLifeguard in Chelmsford 19 salaries£8.85 per hourLifeguard in Oxford 12 salaries£10.17 per hourLifeguard in York 9 salaries£9.24 per hour1 more row•5 days ago

How much do lifeguards make in Miami?

Average City Of Miami Beach Lifeguard hourly pay in Florida is approximately $26.09, which is 124% above the national average.

Do beach lifeguards work year round?

But most of the association’s 850 guards work seasonally. The incomes of the 150 year-round lifeguards can seem surprisingly rich to anyone raised on the hit 1990s TV show, Baywatch – or anyone who worked as a summer lifeguard at the local pool.

How many hours a day do lifeguards work?

In addition to the front line work they provide information on surf and beach conditions to the public and give beach and water safety talks to schools and community groups. Seasonal Lifeguards are employed for the full swimming season on a 38-hour week on a 7 day rotating roster.