How Much Do Group Fitness Instructors Make

How do I become a fitness influencer?

How to Become a Successful Fitness InfluencerChoose a niche.

You must choose a niche in the fitness industry.

Find your tone.

Now that you’ve chosen a niche, the next step is to decide how you want to get your message across to your followers.

Tell your story.

Engagement vs followers.

Build your audience.


What is the role of a gym instructor?

A Fitness Instructor, also known as a Personal Trainer, provides training and instruction of fitness programs to individuals and groups. The Fitness Instructor engages clients in exercise routines and weight loss programs, and helps them to reach their individual goals.

What is better ACE or AFAA certification?

The AFAA personal trainer cert has a stronger focus on aerobic training whereas ACE personal trainer cert is more of an all-around general personal training certificate. Both AFAA and ACE CPT certification are well-recognized in the industry and are both NCCA accredited certifications.

What makes a good group fitness instructor?

A great fitness instructor is someone who builds a relationship of mutual understanding and trust through clear communication. According to Albert Mehrabian’s 7-38-55 Rule of Personal Communication, 55% of how we communicate is through body language, 38% is through tone of voice, and 7% is through the words used.

What skills do you need to be a fitness instructor?

Being a fitness instructor requires a range of skills including:Personal motivation to keep fit and the ability to motivate others to do the same.Patience and the ability to explain things clearly.Understanding of lifestyle, diet and the human body.Awareness of safety and good working practices.

How much money does a gym owner make?

So let’s take an average of the two Williams to see what sort of salary is achievable for an owner of one gym – $143,000. When you factor in that these are both relatively new gyms with growing membership rates, you should be expecting to earn more as your business grows, providing you keep costs in check.

What gym pays personal trainers most?

Personal Trainer Salary Research Shows the Highest Paying Gyms24 Hour Fitness. Non-training hours at 24 Hour Fitness are minimum wage, but the gym does offer some attractive incentives. … Anytime Fitness. Anytime Fitness gyms are franchised and had varied payment structures. … Crunch Fitness. … Equinox. … LA Fitness. … Planet Fitness. … YMCA.

Can a personal trainer teach group fitness classes?

Being a certified personal trainer allows you to work in many different fitness-related positions. You need to be passionate about teaching if you want to be a group fitness instructor. There are many types of exercise classes a certified personal trainer can teach.

Do you need a certification to be a group fitness instructor?

A Fist Aid certificate is also beneficial, and a good level of fitness is required. On the job training is usually provided. Complete a qualification in fitness. This could be a Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30315), which will prepare you to become a Group Exercise Instructor or Gym Instructor.

How do fitness instructors make money?

Instead of paying to take the class, you’ll get paid to teach the class. The median wage for fitness instructors is about $18 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics — which means half of them make more than that. You’ll save money on your own fitness.

How much do supplemental instructors get paid?

Supplemental Instructor SalariesJob TitleSalarySt. Edward’s Supplemental Instructor salaries – 2 salaries reported$9/hrPalm Beach State College Supplemental Instructor salaries – 2 salaries reported$13/hrOakland Community College Supplemental Instructor salaries – 2 salaries reported$9/hr17 more rows

How do I start teaching group fitness?

How to teach an effective group fitness classStart some music before the class begins, so when people come in they get excited and pumped up about the workout.Turn on the microphone, set up early and let the class know who the instructor is right away when they walk in. … Introduce yourself.More items…•

How can you make a fitness class fun?

7 Ways To Make Fitness FunAdd some variety to your activities. Carrying out the same exercise sessions each time will very quickly get boring, and boredom doesn’t do much for your motivation. … Get social. … Change the scene. … Do exercise to your liking. … Get some new gear. … Relive the games from childhood. … Exercise to your favourite playlists.

10 Popular Group Fitness Classes – And What To Expect From Each OneYoga. Yoga is our most commonly requested group fitness class, and most people are already familiar with the concept of what Yoga is about. … Full Body Fusion. … Circuit Training. … HIIT. … Water Aerobics. … Cycling. … Bootcamp. … Zumba.More items…•

What is the best certification for group fitness instructor?

Top 5 Group Fitness CertificationsACE (American Council on Exercise) … ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) … AFAA (Athletics and Fitness Association of America) … ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) … NETA (National Exercise Trainers Association) … Choosing the Right Certification. … How to Teach Group Fitness.

Is the fitness industry profitable?

Statistics reveal that the global fitness and health club industry generates over 80 billion U.S dollars in revenue per year. People are becoming more health conscious and, as a result, some fitness franchises are expanding every year.

What’s the difference between a fitness instructor and a personal trainer?

A Personal Trainer is similar to a Gym Instructor, however, they have a more personal approach, and this is often on a one to one basis. … While the Gym Instructor will help you, their services are utilised on a more ad hoc basis. They are not focused on you helping you achieving your personal goals.