Question: How Can I Improve My Vitality Status?

How many points is platinum vitality?

2,400To reach Platinum status you need to get to 2,400 Vitality points..

How do I spend my vitality points?

An instant prize like international flights, fitness devices and cash. You then have two options – spend your Vitality reward points or diamonds, or save them up to use later. Simply tap on the ‘plays, Vitality reward points and rewards’ card in the Discovery app to choose an option.

Do vitality points carry over?

You’ll no longer automatically carry over points We have not automatically carried over 10% of your Vitality points; instead, your points have been reset to zero. … To help get you started again, we’ve made changes to the way points earned for a Vitality Healthcheck work.

How many points is Vitality Health Check?

22 500The Vitality Health Check is made up of 5 measures, including blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, a weight assessment (which includes weight, height and waist circumference) and signing a non-smokers declaration. You can earn up to 22 500 Vitality points depending on how many results are in range.

How much do you pay at Virgin Active with vitality?

As a Vitality Health member, you can get up to 75% off your monthly gym fees. Pay a once-off gym activation fee equal to one month’s full retail Club gym membership rate for each adult 18 years and older as well as a club access device fee of R120 per person.

What does Silver vitality status mean?

When you take out a Vitality Health policy you begin on bronze status, once you earn 800 Vitality points you move to silver status, 1,600 points earns you gold status and 2,400 gives you platinum status, which is the highest status you can reach. The higher the status the better the rewards.

How long does it take for vitality points to reflect?

between 24 and 48 hoursVitality points for fitness devices usually take between 24 and 48 hours to reflect, depending on when we get fitness data from our partners. Points that have not yet reflected towards your Active Rewards goal will be retrospectively allocated as soon as we receive them.

How many vitality points can you earn in a day?

8 VitalityVitality points are subject to daily and weekly limits. You can earn a maximum of 8 Vitality activity points per day and up to 40 Vitality activity points per week.

How much do you pay for vitality?

The Vitality health programme encourages and rewards you for living well. Here are your contributions for 2019, as well as general updates for next year. TThe once-off activation fee will be R799 until the end of March 2019. Thereafter, you will pay one months’ retail rate equivalent to your membership contract.

Who can join vitality?

Who can join the Vitality rewards programme? You can join the Vitality programme if you are a Discovery Life policy holder paying a premium of at least R350, your employer has taken out Discovery Life Group Cover, or if you are the principal member of a medical scheme that is administered by Discovery Health.

How do you get 40 vitality points?

Every adult on your plan can earn Vitality points for getting active each week. You can earn up to 8 Vitality activity points a day from one type of workout, up to a total of 40 Vitality activity points per week.

How do you get Diamond status in vitality?

From 2020 you will no longer have to achieve Gold Vitality status for three consecutive years to reach Diamond status. You can now reach Diamond Vitality status in a single year by earning 50 000 Vitality points. This means that your health and fitness outcomes will now be directly related to your Vitality status.

What does vitality status mean?

The more Vitality points you earn in a plan year, the higher your Vitality status will be. Everyone starts at Bronze status and then by earning points you’ll progress to Silver, Gold and finally Platinum. The higher your Vitality status, the bigger the discounts and rewards you could receive.