Quick Answer: Can I Use Any Nuffield Gym?

Can I freeze my Nuffield gym membership?

10.3 If you want to freeze your membership, you can request us to do so in writing or by completing a form at your home club.

As long as we receive your request on or before the 15th day of the month, we can apply this from the first of the following month..

Can you cancel a 12 month gym membership?

Change in circumstances If you have a fixed term membership, for example a 12-month term, but your circumstances change in an unforeseeable way – a long-term illness, losing your job or having to move – you could have grounds for immediate cancellation.

What does Nuffield mean?

Noun. 1. Nuffield – British industrialist who manufactured automobiles and created a philanthropic foundation (1877-1963) First Viscount Nuffield, William Richard Morris.

What is vitality gym discount?

Vitality members can get 50% off monthly membership gym fees at selected clubs. A joining fee will apply. Vitality offers Health and Life Insurance that rewards you for being healthy. Like other insurance, it protects you when things go wrong. … A 50% gym discount is available with all VitalityHealth plans.

Which gyms do NHS discount?

Health and Fitness Discounts for NHS StaffPure Gym Low-Cost 24 Hour Gym Memberships – 10% off for NHS. Prices shown include discount. Exclusive.ASICS ASICS – 20% NHS discount. Exclusive.Nike End of Season Sale – Up to 50% off. Free delivery on orders over £50.

What happens if you owe a gym money?

If you owe $200 in unpaid gym membership fees, a debt collector might pay a tiny fraction of that amount for the right to try to collect payment from you. This gives the gym some of its money back, and a collections agency a chance to make some money.

Does PureGym give NHS discount?

Puregym provides exactly that and you can get 10% off your monthly standard membership and it will only cost you £5 to join (usually £15). To get the NHS discount, you will need a Blue Light Card. Smash your fitness goals with a 30% discount off full price and sale items.

Can I bring a guest to Nuffield gym?

If you are over 18, you can invite guests to your club. Each guest will have to pay a fee to be entitled to enter that club and use the facilities. You can get details of these fees at your club. Your guests must sign in at the club’s reception and fill in an exercise questionnaire at the start of each visit.

Can you use other Nuffield gyms?

As a Nuffield Health member, you can access loads of gyms around the country, so that when you’re out of town, you don’t have to give up on fitness. Whatever your membership, you will gain access to your home club (the one you select on joining) as well as many more clubs around the country.

Does Nuffield gym do NHS discount?

Gym Membership Discounts for NHS Staff Get fit and stay active with some top deals and discounts on gym membership. … You can get 50% off monthly gym membership fees at selected Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Clubs if you have: A VitalityHealth Personal Healthcare plan.

How many Nuffield gyms are there in the UK?

110 gymsNuffield Health has over 110 gyms throughout the UK.

Is Nuffield Health a good gym?

Great gym & excellent customer service When I recovered and was able to re-join the gym they offered me excellent customer service. I have tried other gyms which are double the price and they have the same classes and instructors as Nuffield.

Can you negotiate gym fees?

Many gym chains are willing to negotiate the price of your monthly membership or what you have access to, though boutique studios and gyms tend to be even more flexible. Your success largely depends on your local branch and myriad other things that we’re about to discuss. So, don’t just waltz into a gym unprepared.

Do Nuffield gyms provide towels?

Yes, you will receive 1 complimentary towel per visit. Do I need to pay for a locker? No, our lockers operate using your membership card.

Is Nuffield private?

Nuffield Health is the United Kingdom’s largest healthcare charity. … Nuffield Health operates 300 facilities including 31 private hospitals (29 in England, one in Glasgow, Scotland and a joint venture, Cardiff & Vale, Wales), 111 Fitness and Wellbeing Gyms across the UK, and five medical centres.

Can you get gym membership on the NHS?

Although it’s not impossible to get a gym membership on the NHS, lots of local areas will have not-for-profit leisure centres that offer discounted gym classes and facilities. These gyms offer a concessionary membership for people on certain benefits, for example, Universal Credit, housing benefit or income support.

Does everyone active do NHS discount?

NHS Discount: NHS staff will receive an attractive 20% OFF our all inclusive memberships, giving full access and flexibility to our Gyms, Group Exercise Classes, Swimming Pools and Health Suite.