Quick Answer: How Far Should You Hit A 9 Iron?

How far do pros hit a 9 iron?

140 to 155 yardsAccording the Leaderboard website, PGA Tour players’ average 4-iron shots travel 210 to 220 yards (including the roll).

They can hit 5-iron shots 195 to 205 yards; 6-iron shots 180 to 190 yards; 7-iron shots 165 to 180 yards; 8-iron shots 150 to 170 yards; and 9-iron shots 140 to 155 yards..

What are the best irons for an average golfer?

Taylormade M6 Irons. Best irons for mid to high handicappers.Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons. Game improvement irons to forgive mid handicappers.Srixon Z 585 Irons. So easy to hit.Cobra King Speedzone Irons. Best for low hitting mid handicappers.Taylormade M2 Irons. … Titleist 718 AP3 Irons.

How many golfers can break 100?

According to their statistics, 55% of golfers break 100.

How far does the average 60 year old hit a golf ball?

Two decades later, that Smart Distance is down to 244 yards. All hope isn’t lost for the older players, however. Players in the 60+ age bracket may hit it 43 yards shorter than their 21-30 year-old counterparts, but they average 49% fairways hit. That’s 10% higher than 21-30 year olds.

How far should each iron hit?

In general, each iron should hit a golf ball ten yards less as you progress from the lower numbers to the higher ones when you put the same swing into the ball. For instance, a five iron if hit correctly can hit the ball 170 yards, while a six iron hit the same way should only travel 160 yards.

How much difference does 1 degree of loft make driver?

Because of the design of the driver face, the actual loft at the top of the face is about 1.5 degrees higher that on a center hit. Conversely, even if you have a positive attack angle, you may be hitting the ball too low if you are hitting off the bottom of the club face.

When should you use a 9 iron?

The 8 and 9 irons are commonly called the “short irons”. They have the highest-mass clubheads and the shortest shafts of the numbered irons, and are used for shots requiring high loft or moderate to short distance (typically between 130 and 150 yards with a full swing).

How far does an average golfer hit a driver?

220 yardsWhilst the average driving distance for all golfers using Game Golf is just under 220 yards. The average 3 wood goes just under 190 yards and the average 7 iron flies 133 yards.

How far does Rory McIlroy hit a 7 iron?

But as McIlroy pointed out post-round, once the shock factor wears off, he just has to adjust to his new numbers. “I mean, I was hitting little 7-irons from 155 yards at Riviera last week.

What happens if my shaft is too stiff?

The shaft will flex during a swing, which changes the position of the club head. When you select the right flex, the club face will be square on the ball improving accuracy. If the shaft flex is too stiff, you lose loft and won’t control your shots easily.

Should I carry a 5 wood or 3 hybrid?

A 5 wood is perfect off the tee and a 3 hybrid is perfect from the fairway for the following reasons. A hybrid can get the ball up in the air better than a fairway wood can, so you would prefer to play with a 3 hybrid where there is no tee in the fairway and a 5 wood to lay back off the tee if you do not choose driver.

How far does the average golfer hit a 56 degree wedge?

80 to 95 yardsTypically, with a 56 degree wedge, the average distance travelled by a golf ball is anywhere between 80 to 95 yards. When you use the same ball with a 60° wedge, the average distance is about 50 to 75 yards.

How Far Can Tiger Woods hit a 9 iron?

Club Averages According to Golf Digest, Tiger hits the driver an average of 285 yards with carry. His long irons (2- to 4-iron) range from 250 to 200 yards. His middle irons (5, 6, 7) range from 208 to 172 yards. His 8-iron travels 158 yards, and 9-iron flies 142.

How far does Tiger Woods hit a sand wedge?

Tiger Woods – Pitching Wedge 152 Yards (12,000 fps)

How far does Rory McIlroy hit a pitching wedge?

Rory McIlroy averages 320.2 yards per drive this season. Yes, you read that right. He’s not even the longest hitter on Tour either. Bryson Dechambeau leads the PGA Tour in driving distance with a 321.3-yard average.

Do range balls go shorter?

But the biggest difference isn’t necessarily that range balls typically fly shorter distances, but that they vary so widely in distance performance. It’s the range of distances from ball to ball, in other words, that is the biggest distance difference between range balls and regular balls.

How do you hit a good 9 iron?

Everything You Need to Know About the 9 Iron Golf ClubHow to Hit a 9 Iron Like a Pro.Stance and Ball Position: Start with your feet a little narrow—less than shoulder width apart—and place the ball directly in the center of your stance. … Club Placement: You’ve got your ball situated in the middle of your stance.More items…•

Is it bad to hit off mats?

Old, brittle mats with no “give” can cause a litany of problems, the biggest of which is risk of injury. On these mats your hands, wrists and shoulders absorb far more shock than when hitting off grass. Clubs can also be damaged. Players with steeper attack angles are at a higher risk for injury.

What driver does Tiger Woods use?

Taylormade SIM driverWoods is putting the new Taylormade SIM driver and a new Bridgestone Tour B XS golf ball in play this week at the Farmers Insurance Open. The driver is 9 degrees and has the same Diamana D+60 TX “White Board” shaft as the M5 model he used to win the Masters and the Zozo Championship.