Quick Answer: How Much Do Victoria Secret Employees Make?

What is a pink girl?


▼ An associate who is very outgoing, knows how to talk to customers about the clothing that is new.

Knows how to offer good insight on their clothing, open to new things.

Can sell pink to men, women, kids..

Why do you want to work at Victoria’s Secret?

It will help me develop the customer service skills needed to perform better and meet sales goals. I would love to work for Victoria’s Secret because the stores are always very organized and beautiful so its a great working space and I love helping people so I know I would be really great with helping customers.

How much do pink employees make?

The typical Victoria’s Secret PINK Sales Associate makes $10 per hour. PINK Sales Associate hourly pay at Victoria’s Secret can range from $8 – $16.

Is Victoria Secret a good company to work for?

Victoria’s Secret was a great place to work. Some of the managers helped you to succeed in your goals and many Offered incentives. Great benefits and opportunities to grow with the company. There was sometimes a lot of pressure to sell and meet goals but most managers helped you to attain them.

Do Victoria’s Secret employees get free stuff?

Employees can get free or discounted merchandise. When they start working at Victoria’s Secret, employees receive one free bra, and every time a new item is released, employees get it for a very discounted price. One employee told Insider that for a week before the holidays, employees got 50% off everything each day.

How should I dress for a Victoria’s Secret interview?

Workers should dress business casual for the interview. Set yourself ahead of other interview subjects by dressing entirely in black. Victoria’s Secret employees wear black uniforms, and hiring managers generally favor applicants who show up at the interview looking the part.

What is Victoria’s Secret starting pay?

Average Victoria’s Secret hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.61 per hour for Salesperson to $18.49 per hour for Department Manager. The average Victoria’s Secret salary ranges from approximately $15,000 per year for Seller to $71,151 per year for Outside Sales Representative.

What are the requirements to work at Pink?

Victoria’s Secret Job OpportunitiesNecessary Traits. Stores hire workers that are at least 18 years old with a high school diploma. … Interest in Beauty and Fashion. All Victoria’s Secret careers involve helping shoppers with styles or sizes, from sales associates to managers. … Advancement.

What is Victoria’s Secret dress code for employees?

The dress code is all black and business casual. Your shoes can be any color and open toed if they have a back. Sometimes you get days where you can wear different colored tops. Also, what it’s like to work at Victoria’s Secret?

What’s the employee discount at Victoria’s Secret?

Employees at Victoria’s Secret are initially given a 20% discount. After 2 months of service, part-time employees receive 30% off and full-time employees receive 40% off.

Does Victoria Secret drug test?

Does Victoria secret do drug testing before finally starting to work ? I was there for three years and they never drug tested once.

Does Victoria Secret Pay weekly or biweekly?

Pay is bi weekly. Victoria’s Secret pays biweekly. You get paid every other week threw their paying system.

Do Victoria’s Secret employees make commission?

Only sales specialists get commission, sales support generalists get a different incentive if the store does good that month. Depends on your location. … But, a store a friend works at gets commission added to her biweekly checks.

What should I wear to a pink interview?

4 answers. Whatever you’re comfortable in…just be yourself! If you are interviewing for a side by side store or a stand alone VS then wear professional attire-look nice. If you are interviewing at a pink free standing store then wear your best and most current pink attire.