Quick Answer: Is Repeating 12th A Good Option?

How can I improve my 12th CBSE marks?

Improvement exams are for students who have passed but are not satisfied with their marks and are willing to take the exams again.

CBSE Improvement Exam can be taken in one or more subjects in the succeeding year only after passing the subject in Class XII.

The examination would take place in the following year..

Can I change my stream from commerce to science after 12th?

YES, you can absolutely change your group from commerce to science but while studying 11th class. After completion of 11th class in one stream and joining another stream in 12th is not possible.

Can we do 12th again?

ANSWER (1) you if you have got low percentage in your class 12th board due to one or two subjects then you have an option to recover them by giving improvement exams. You still can repeat 12th board if you want to if there is not more than 2 or 3 years gap between 10 and 10+2 you are repeating.

What should I do if I get less marks in 12th?

It’s Not the End: 6 Things to Do If You Couldn’t Score Well in Board ExamsTake a Deep Breath and Evaluate your Options. … Try for Entrance Exam-Based Courses. … Broaden Your Search to Lesser-Known and Tier-2 Colleges. … Consider Giving Improvement Exams the Next Year. … Learn about New-Age and Skill-Based Careers.More items…•

What if I fail in improvement exam du?

If you fail in improvement exam of the same subject then you will be fail in subject X. You will have to clear back paper of that subject. Latest marks would be considered over last exam.

Is 78% a good score in CBSE Class 12 boards?

Look as my opinion 78% is good score in CBSE class 12 boards. … Look as my opinion 78% is good score in CBSE class 12 boards. But if you want to give IIT JEE, then it should be less marks. Actually everything depends on your happiness, if you are happy with your score its good, as you know better how much you deserved .

Does 12th Percentage matter in NEET?

12th boards marks are not counted in calculating your NEET Score but they are needed to help you appear for the exam. NEET Score is the sole basis to help you fetch your MBBS seat. The class 12th Boards marks does not have any impact on the medical aspirant’s position in the merit list of the medical colleges.

Is improvement exam hard?

There is no specific provision about copy checking and that too for improvement exam, nothing can be said clearly. But you can assume thing that if the exam is too easy then there are more chances of copy checking being harder than earlier years.

Is 85 good in CBSE?

85% and above gives you grade A (A1 or A2) which is good. it’s very good . Is 91.6% a bad score in the 10th CBSE boards?

Are 12 board marks important?

If you are a JEE aspirant, then 12th board marks are very important to get admission in colleges other than IITs. Even for IITs, it has significance since they demand top 20 percentile in boards or min 75% in boards.

Can I do 12 again from CBSE?

Dear friend, Yes, of course you can repeat Class 12th if you wish to. You will have to appear for CBSE Improvement Exam as a Private Candidate next year along with Regular Candidates. Improvement Forms will be released in the month of August and you can obtain them from your CBSE Regional Office.

Can I improve my 12th percentage?

To improve the percentage of 12th after graduation there is only one way give the private exam of 12th class As maximum state boards offers improvement with in 2 years of period after the 12th class. … Tech degree and score more marks and percentage.

Does 12th marks matter in future?

But 12th class marks do matter to an extent as it helps you get your dream college. … Good score in 12th class acts like a turning point in your career. They will decide which colleges will you get admitted in and colleges shape your personality.

Is 80 percent good in boards?

Yes, it is a good score because average students will be having Between 65% to 80%. And you have done better. Yes, it is a good score because average students will be having Between 65% to 80%.

What happens if you fail CBSE improvement exam?

Ans. The Board gives three chances to clear the compartment examination. The first examination is held in July-August followed by second chance in March-April and the third chance in July-August. Unsuccessful candidates after these three attempts are required to appear afresh in all subjects there on.

What is a good percentage in Class 12?

If your score is between 70-80 percent in class 12, then it is a good option as for pursuing a bachelor’s degree in architecture, you will have to appear for NATA, which is the entrance exam conducted by the Council of Architecture.

Is improvement exam a good choice?

If you’re not satisfied with your marks then you can give improvement exam. But it is not a beneficial option because if you’re pass with average marks then I think you should not give the improvement exam. Because we can’t predict about the paper going to come in the next year.

Is 60 percent a good grade?

When you start at university, any mark over 50% is a great grade. … Getting a mark over 50% means that you are beginning to understand the difficult work of your degree. Getting over 60% is excellent because it means you have demonstrated a deep knowledge of your subject to the marker.