Quick Answer: What Makes An Outstanding PE Lesson?

What are the responsibilities of a PE teacher?

A PE teacher is responsible for planning, teaching and tutoring students in a school setting.

They teach a range of different sports and provide young people with an opportunity to develop and improve their social and physical skills..

How many years does it take to be a PE teacher?

4To become a PE teacher you either need to complete a 4-year degree, which may be either a combined degree, which includes health and physical education or human movement, and a teaching component, or a degree in a relevant subject such as human movement, followed by an accredited graduate entry teaching qualification.

What makes an outstanding PE department?

An outstanding PE Department must have an aspirational vision that is embedded across the curriculum, evident in every lesson and embraced by all members of the team.

Is PE a core subject?

Physical education should be a core subject within the National Curriculum because it is the only subject whose primary focus is on the body and, in this respect, it uniquely addresses the physical development aim of the curriculum and it also makes a significant contribution to the spiritual, moral, social and …

Is PE compulsory in Scottish schools?

Peter Peacock, Scotland’s education minister, is currently reviewing a proposal to make compulsory in Scottish schools a minimum of two hours a week of physical education or physical activities.

What are some PE activities?

12 Outdoor PE Activities for KidsTimed lightning bug hunt. Encourage children to catch as many lightning bugs in a jar as they can, and see who can capture the most before you call time. … Sponge race. … Timed scavenger hunt. … Balloon relay race. … Sack race. … Net sports. … Solitary exercise. … Group games.More items…•

What do you learn in PE?

Physical education explicitly teaches the necessary knowledge and skills for working with and relating to others, and provides the learning opportunities to develop these skills. It enables the development of leadership and teamwork skills and encourages students to transfer knowledge to other learning areas.

Why do I teach PE?

Physical education is an important class for students, because it teaches them the value of staying active. … Finally, you can teach your students what it means to work in a team, strengthen their social skills and improve their focus and abilities in the classroom.

Is 2 hours of PE statutory?

It is up to schools to determine how much time is devoted to PE in the curriculum but departmental guidance recommends that they should provide pupils with a minimum of two hours curricular PE per week.

What is PE session?

Physical education is a course taught in school that focuses on developing physical fitness. Effective P.E. classes help kids develop skill and confidence, maintain physical fitness, learn about personal health and wellness, and demonstrate positive social skills.

What can you do in PE?

Some careers that you could consider doing with PE include:Sports science.PE teacher.Physiotherapist.Professional sportsperson.Sports coach/consultant.Sports policy at local and national level.Diet and fitness instructor.Personal trainer.

Is it worth being a PE teacher?

Yes, if you’re the type that enjoys PE it’s well worth it. Picture this, you’re teaching at a high school or junior high. It’s the end of the day, maybe the end of the week. Students are streaming out of class.