Quick Answer: What Skills Do You Need To Be A Lifeguard?

Is a lifeguard a good job?

If you’re looking for a job with an opportunity to learn, take ownership in your work, and assume more responsibility as you go, lifeguarding is an excellent fit.

Remember: lifeguards protect the safety and well-being of anyone who comes to the pool.

Few summer jobs can top that in responsibility..

How do I prepare for a lifeguard interview?

What items do you need for your shift? … What are the most important characteristics for a lifeguard to have? … Do you have any prior experience and/or skills that could relate to this position? … Have you ever had to oversee others? … If a guest argued with you about pool rules, what would you do?

What do you wear to a lifeguard interview?

Be sure to dress in appropriate attire for a lifeguard job interview. Even though you are applying for a job that only requires casual attire, it is smart to dress in a clean and professional manner to put your best foot forward – without the flip flops.

Do you have to be skinny to be a lifeguard?

As long as you can pass the swim requirement and demonstrate that you can perform all types of rescues at your facility, you can be a lifeguard. I’m not necessarily a “fit” dude.

How much money does a lifeguard make an hour?

How much does a Lifeguard make in Sydney NSW?CityAverage salaryLifeguard in Parramatta NSW 144 salaries$28.21 per hourLifeguard in Central Coast NSW 8 salaries$29.24 per hourLifeguard in Orange NSW 5 salaries$27.48 per hourLifeguard in Sutherland NSW 5 salaries$60,143 per year1 more row

Does lifeguarding look good on a resume?

If you’re like many high school and college students, you want a job that not only pays but also looks good on your resume. … As a lifeguard, you can have the flexibility of a part-time job, while gaining valuable experience that looks great on your resume to future employers or college applications.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a lifeguard?

LifeguardSupervises swimming activities at the aquatics facility and ensures that policies, guidelines, and safety procedures are followed.Warns swimmers of improper activities or danger and enforces pool regulations and water safety policies.More items…

What should a lifeguard put on resume?

Your resume should highlight your training and certification, as typically a Lifeguard position requires both. Be sure to list important skills, such as Water Safety Skills, Attentiveness, Rescue Techniques, and Excellent Swimming Ability.

What qualities do you need to be a lifeguard?

5 Characteristics of a Professional LifeguardReliable. A good lifeguard should be reliable! … Good communicator. Lifeguarding requires excellent communication skills. … Highly skilled. It goes without saying that a lifeguard needs to be good at what they do! … Leadership. … Professional.

Are lifeguards attractive?

Lifeguards are fun to hook up with (in the Snack Shack), they’re attractive, their jobs put little stress on them so they are light-hearted and fun-loving, and they might be able to snag you some free Laffy Taffys (from the Snack Shack).

What are the four major roles of a lifeguard?

Lifeguard Responsibilities:Overseeing activities at aquatic facility.Assisting with swimming lessons.Explaining and enforcing rules, regulations and policies to ensure safety of patrons.Monitoring designated areas to recognize signs of danger.Warning swimmers regarding unsafe situations.More items…•

Is getting lifeguard certified hard?

You will learn how to be a Lifeguard, that requires you to learn how to do CPR and AED properly (very easy). It does take a lot of work, but if you are committed to it and study the terms, you should be fine.

Why do lifeguards walk backwards?

Returning SRTs receive the same treatment during their annual re-certification. Therefore, when you see a lifeguard walking backwards it is because they have chosen to continue what was emphasized in Surf Rescue Academy although walking backwards off the beach is not required at the end of their shift.

How long do you have to hold your breath to be a lifeguard?

1 to 2 minutesSome require you to swim 300 yards, tread water in one place for 2 minutes without support, swim using various techniques, surface dive to a depth of 7 to 10 feet (2.1 to 3.0 m), and hold your breath for 1 to 2 minutes. Make sure all of your certifications stay up to date.

What skills should I put on my resume?

Some important types of skills to cover on a resume include:Active listening.Communication.Computer skills.Customer service.Interpersonal skills.Leadership.Management skills.Problem-solving.More items…•

Can you make a living as a lifeguard?

But the salaries are outside the norm of what most lilfeguards can expect. Part-time lifeguards in Newport Beach make $16 to $22 an hour with no benefits. And according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for lifeguards, ski patrol and other recreation protective service workers is $20,490.

What do female lifeguards wear?

In the beginning lifeguard agencies required the females to wear one piece lifeguard swimsuits, but now most female guards are allowed a choice between a one-piece lifeguard swimsuits like the X-Back Elite, or two-piece lifeguard swimsuits like the rescue bikini.