What Should You Avoid In Aruba?

Is it expensive to eat out in Aruba?

While meal prices in Aruba can vary, the average cost of food in Aruba is À97 per day.

Based on the spending habits of previous travelers, when dining out an average meal in Aruba should cost around À39 per person.

Breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner..

What do I need to know before traveling to Aruba?

10 Quick Tips For Your First Trip To ArubaTip 1: What to pack? Before you leave, you want to pack the right clothes and items. … Tip 2: Protect your skin. … Tip 3: Money. … Tip 4: Language. … Tip 5: No need to buy water. … Tip 6: Shopping. … Tip 7: Getting around. … Tip 8: Go with the flow.More items…•

What is the best month to go to Aruba?

The best time to visit Aruba is from April to August – a huge window of time when the island’s high prices take a holiday. And since the island sits well outside the hurricane belt, there’s very little threat of tropical storms at this time. January to March features pleasant weather, but the room prices can soar.

The use of cannabis or any cannabis-derived product is still against the laws of Aruba. … The use of illegal drugs will be prosecuted by the law. The legalization of medical cannabis will be submitted to strict conditions and regulations.

How many days do you need in Aruba?

Five daysFive days seems to be the perfect amount of time to spend in Aruba, but a lot of people visit for a week or longer.

Are there sharks in Aruba?

There are sharks in Aruba, and Aruba sharks are only found further in the ocean water. People partaking in boat rides should be careful not to dive in some of the shark locations. They are not on the beaches for those feeling weary of their presence.

Is Aruba dangerous for tourists?

Aruba is safe to visit for any type of traveler, from jet setters flying solo, to fun-loving families. Some visitors have even expressed that they feel safer here than they do back home, and they have no Aruba travel concerns at all!

Is it better to do all inclusive in Aruba?

All Inclusive in Aruba is Better With Children It’s not only worth it, it makes your life easier, which makes for a more enjoyable vacation. Kids can eat all day long, especially if they’re doing beach activities and swimming in the pool.

Where can I get laid in Aruba?

The main area for singles nightlife is located at Palm Beach, a pretty short drive away from Oranjestad town. If you are mainly coming here to try and hook up with girls in Aruba then you probably would prefer getting a hotel by Palm Beach, and L.G. Smith Blvd is the main bar strip there.

Are Arubans black?

Arubans — who are descended from Africans, Asians, Europeans and indigenous Indians — are overwhelmingly adamant that the island has an unusual degree of colorblindness. Even defense lawyers and friends of the black men say race had nothing to do with it. Both men were released late Monday. “Racism you have everywhere.

Can you drink tap water in Aruba?

Do drink the water: Aruba’s tap water is completely safe to drink and tastes fine. In fact, it’s among the best in the world.

What is the best area in Aruba to stay?

The 4 Best Neighborhoods in Aruba for TouristsPalm Beach. Palm Beach is the central location on the island and has the most to offer. … Eagle Beach. Eagle Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island with its wide strip of white powdery sand. … Arashi Beach/Noord. … Downtown (Oranjestad)

Are there dangerous animals in Aruba?

The Aruba Island Rattlesnake (Crotalus unicolor), known locally as the Cascabel, is one of the world’s rarest species of rattlesnake and occurs only on Aruba. … Its venom can be life threatening to humans, but the rattlesnake is not considered dangerous because it is not aggressive and will only bite when provoked.

Can you smoke in Aruba?

Smoking — All restaurants, casinos, and bars allow smoking. Many have nonsmoking sections. Generally, in hotel lobbies, smoking is restricted to inside the casino or in bar areas. Hotels have smoking and nonsmoking rooms.

Is Aruba a poor country?

The economy of Aruba is an open system, with tourism currently providing the largest percentage of the country’s income. … Although the island’s poor soil and low rainfall limit its agricultural prospects, aloe cultivation, livestock, and fishing contribute to Aruba’s economy.

Is Aruba expensive to live?

Compared to the U.S., rent prices are about 31 percent lower in Aruba, and restaurant prices are about 11 percent lower. … Costs such as utilities and income tax are often the most expensive part of the cost of living in Aruba. Due to the poor soil quality and low rainfall, agriculture on the island is limited.

Is Aruba safe at night?

For the most part, Aruba is safe. It’s actually considered to be one of the safest of all the Caribbean islands. … Though relatively low in Aruba, crime still exists. We would still avoid walking around by yourself at night, especially in secluded areas (but we’ll get into that later).

Is there a red light district in Aruba?

Sint Nicolaas is the second capitol of Aruba and home to the main red light district on the island. … It is important to mention that Aruba is a Dutch island, and prostitution is legal here. Each bar in the red light district of Aruba operates from about 7:00pm to 2:00am, Monday through Saturday.